The Montecito Advantage

Where Market Knowledge and Strategic Insights Lead to Success

At Montecito Research & Analytics, we understand the importance of due diligence, market validation, and risk mitigation, both in identifying opportunities in healthcare real estate and maximizing investment growth potential. At the foundation of the Montecito's legacy of success is a business model built on in-depth knowledge of the medical industry and a commitment to providing expert forecasting, analysis, and strategic consulting.

Montecito has devoted years and millions of dollars to the development of our proprietary Market Intelligence System (MIS), which empowers us and our joint venture partners to precisely evaluate any United States market in real-time. MIS synthesizes over 10 terabytes of complex data from both primary and secondary databases. Demographic and psychographic information along with highly detailed medical information can be quickly distilled. Medical data includes existing and planned medical facilities, primary care and specialty physician gaps and surpluses, procedure volumes and much more.

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