What is MIS?

Montecito’s Market Intelligence System (MIS) is a comprehensive, web-based data analysis system. Over 100 primary and secondary data sources comprising over 10 terabytes of complex information, are compiled into the system. MIS features a five-pronged approach to research and analysis of collected data and statistics using proprietary algorithms and procedures. MIS features Montecito’s flagship products, the MAP System and
MD2 ScoreCard.

Screening & Benchmarking
The first step in the process involves one of the critical MIS tools, the Location Analyzer in the MAP System. The Location Analyzer drills down through all 30,000 zip codes in the United States reviewing over 300 Key Performance Indicators for medical success to provide an overview of market potential.
Market Characterization
The second step is initiated once the Location Analyzer has screened a market, and it passes internal thresholds. Leveraging multiple tools within the MIS including the MD2 ScoreCard, the key players in the target market are fully characterized providing a complete picture of the surrounding patient base, hospitals, physicians, medical properties, and competitive facilities.
Opportunity Identification
The third step involves an analysis of unmet needs as brought to the forefront through the market characterization process. Opportunities identified may include a need for additional inpatient beds, ancillary services, post-acute facilities or supplemental physician specialties.
Location Optimization
The fourth step is to target the optimal location for the opportunity being pursued. Various MIS algorithms are activated to map a market for the optimal spot. At this level of analysis, patient migration to various medical providers, physician practice locations, existing competition, and available market share are evaluated. Locations down to a street corner can be identified as sites possessing the highest probability for success.
The final step in the process is establishing internal and external synergies to help propel project success during the holding period and beyond. Internal synergy involves creating a strong referral network to support your venture. Whether it's between physician tenants within a medical office building or between the acute care providers and a proposed post acute facility, this referral network is a strategic imperative for long term success. External synergy validation involves matching services provided with current and projected patient and community needs. You capitalize on the opportunity and the patients and communities you serve benefit – everyone profits from the MIS synergy of success.